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    Costa Rica Expedition

    June 12-23 2015

    Paperwork DUE: 1-19-15

    Final Payment DUE: 4-13-15

    Our Contact Person/Enrollment Assistant: Amy Beale

    Her #: 406-721-8784

    Her email:

    Email Mrs Draves or Mr. Blatnica with any questions.

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    Mrs. Draves:

  • Topic 1

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  • Topic 2

    Ecology Project International (EPI)
    What is an Ecology Project International Field Experience all about?

    Learning Through Doing in Costa Rica- Sea Turtle Research

  • Topic 3

    Sample Itinerary

    Day 1: Arrival in San Jose
    • Meet your instructor team
    • Get to know Costa Rica
    • Prepare for your adventure in a cozy downtown hotel in San José

    Day 2: National Institute of Biodiversity
    • Discover why Costa Rica’s flora and fauna are so abundant
    • Become familiar with some of the most important tropical ecosystems

    Days 3-7: Leatherback sea turtles at the Pacuare Nature Reserve
    • Learn about sea turtle biology, ecology, and conservation issues
    • Explore the amazing wildlife of the lowland rainforest ecosystems
    • Collect data on nesting sea turtles during nightly patrols
    • Restore turtle nesting habitat on the beach

    Days 8-9: Rainforest reserve
    • Learn about the incredible biodiversity found in tropical rainforests
    • Observe amazing creatures on night hikes
    • Play sports with local teens

    Day 10: Intercultural exchange day and mountain lodge • Present the results of student-led research projects
    • Meet local students and learn about each other’s cultures
    • Practice your Spanish
    • Spend the evening in a mountain lodge with a volcano view

    Day 11: Rafting the Pacuare River
    • Raft the spectacular rapids of the Pacuare River
    • Float through vibrant jungle canyons and past waterfalls

    Day 12: Departure from San Jose International Airport

  • Topic 4

    Student/ Parent Information

    Why Should I Participate?:

    • Real science, real conservation: You become the researcher helping to protect endangered species and ecosystems.
    • Intercultural exchange:  During your course, you’ll meet some of these students, learn about their home and culture, and teach them about your life.
    • Service-learning: Participate in meaningful projects  – all while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.
    • Develop new skills: When you jump out of the classroom and into the field, you put a new set of skills to work. You’ll come home more confident and outgoing, with unique experience in science, language, and teamwork.
    • Get into a better college: International travel and volunteer research experience will help set you apart from the crowd on your college applications. How many high school students can say they conducted research in Costa Rica?
    • Begin building your network: Developing relationships with our instructors, research partners, and other participants will increase the number of people who can lend you a helping hand in the future when you are looking for a job or advice on your next international journey.

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